.facebook_1521471655825I’m a freelance Digital Marketing Coordinator with experience of increasing sales and customer engagement through social media. I’m particularly interested in building brands on Instagram and two of my personal photographs have been selected to feature on their main page (now with over 1 million views between them). I also have Google Ads and Analytics certification, as well as a working knowledge of SEO.

Alongside my freelance digital marketing work, I’m employed part-time as a Social Media Evaluator where I’ve honed my ability to assess successful online content.

With a professional background in customer service (publishing and educational sectors), I’m skilled at building strong relationships between businesses and clients through effective communication.

My approach is to build on the resources you already have to keep costs low.  With affordability in mind, I offer short-term and longer term packages so you can choose options that work for you and your business.  If this sounds like something that would help you then please drop me a line at mel@cuppasocial.com.